Slowing Down in CRANA

Let’s make CRANA safe and healthy

I don’t think we realize just how fast we go
Whether off to work
On an errand
Or simply trying to get home

We hurry up
We get impatient
In our rush from here to there

But when you’re here, you’re almost home
So take a breath
Ease off the gas
And slow it down some more

We all want to keep our neighborhood streets and walkways a safe and healthy place to be. There’s much we can work on together, but each of us can be a very effective traffic calming device just by the way we drive.

Oh, and to those who might protest and argue that 25 mph is too slow, try a walk and see if you can’t feel the difference when a speeding car passes you by.

Nice and Slow

Speeding, discourteous drivers? Encouraging folks to slow down the pace might be another way to go.

Traffic calming devices and strategies are often the first thing people think of when they notice cars speeding by. Speed bumps, roundabouts, rumble strips, all have their place in the traffic engineer’s tool box. But those things aren’t always appropriate, acceptable, and affordable. What can we do as neighbors to discourage driving too fast and bring about the kind of change where more, not fewer, pedestrians and cyclists, young and old, enjoy walking and biking in the neighborhood we all call home?

Walking School Bus

The concept of a walking school bus is fairly simple. Kids and a few parents walk together as a group to school each day. The benefits?

  • Greater visibility of a group adds safety
  • Parents get to know other families attending the neighborhood school
  • Building community
  • Getting a bit of exercise
  • Zero-emissions
  • Fun social time before school
  • Minds awake and ready to learn
  • Reduced number of vehicles in a school zone