Thurston County Food Project

To date, CRANA residents have donated over $200,000 in food to the Thurston County Food Bank.

To participate, simply place food donations in a green bag on your front porch on the morning of a pick up date and a volunteer will come collect it. Don’t have a green bag? E-mail us and we’ll get you one!

Want to participate even more? You can come meet your neighbors and sort out food at Pioneer Middle School on the pick up dates between 10am-12pm.

Thanks to the residents of CRANA, the April food drive brought in $5,620 worth of food! Combined with the other neighborhoods there was $10,904 worth of food donated on that day. Thank you to everyone who made that possible!

We need Neighborhood Coordinators. To be one, simply organize a few (one or more) of your neighbors as participants, get bags from the Steering Committee and let your folks know of the pick up schedule, then pick up and deliver the bags on the day of collection. This takes less than one hour every two months and is a valuable and fun service.

Not sure what food to give? The food bank will take almost any kind of non-perishable food items. Here are some ideas for things to get for each month.

  • February – Canned fruit
  • April – Canned soups-don’t forget vegetarians
  • June – PB/Mac and cheese, quick summer kid lunches
  • August – Backpack program-stocking up for back to school bags-easy open.
  • October – Canned pumpkin and canned sweet potatoes
  • December – Canned protein (tuna, chicken, stews, spam, etc. lentils, beans, peanut butter)

Project Information

The Thurston County Food Project is a community driven project with a purpose of collecting food for the Thurston County Food Bank. The difference between the Food Project and Food Bank is the Food Project does the collecting of the food, while the Food Bank stores it and distributes it to those who need it. The Food Bank gets food donations from other sources besides the Food Project such as in store containers and the once yearly mail carrier food drive. The Food Project holds a food drive every 2 months and collects the food from front doorsteps of homes in the Thurston county area.

To learn more, sign up to be a volunteer, or ask questions, e-mail MaryBeth.

You can also learn more on Facebook.